Revolution off Road

Revolution off Road, 4000 State Road 33
Clermont, Florida 34714 is a great place to visit away from the Disney life seeing and experiencing Florida the way it was meant to be experienced. 

It was my daughter’s birthday and we wanted to give her a memory. Unfortunately, for this birthday, the memory would not be a happy one. My Brother-in-law’s father was dying and it would be any day. We were all very close to Dad, and it was unexpected. He passed and the funeral was just a few days apart from my daughter’s birthday. What could I possibly do to give her a happy memory at a time like this?

I found Revolution off Road by just doing a search online. I thought it might be fun to bring the family together at this time. Family is important to us all. I called and set up the date. The only one that couldn’t join us was a niece that had to work that day. The rest of the family was there.

We drove an hour to get there from Orlando, but it was worth the drive. We were greeted and set up in no time. I had never driven any kind of ATV, but they ran me through the drill and put me at the front of the line. I was behind our guide. I was told to just follow him and do what he did. I was down with that.

We started out slow, I was determined to not let my family down and I was going to keep up with the guide the best I could so that everyone behind me would have a great time. And I did exactly that. The more we went the faster he got and I kept up with him the whole way. We went through puddles, around bends, over bumps, into ditches. We splashed each other, and yelled for joy and laughed.

The vail of grief that had been with us the last week was lifted in those woods. As a family we connected in joy and we knew that Dad was looking down on us smiling knowing that the family would be ok. We were strong and knew how important life was and how we must every now and then turn loose and be ourselves.

We also drove the jeeps and screamed and hollered the whole entire time. Out on the paths, just letting the grief blow away with the dust we were stirring up. The family was dirty and laughing and once again enjoying life. I had given my daughter the happy memory she so needed, but more importantly, I had given the family a happy memory. Whenever we think of Dad’s funeral we smile now, remembering the day after how we came together, got dirty, yelled, laughed and connected.

What can I say? Revolution off Road will always hold a special place in my heart and memories. I will never forget the great time we had that day, and the great people we met that worked there. If you want something fun to do besides visiting the mouse, go get dirty and drive the ATV’s.


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